Randómika is a multimedia consulting company dedicated to the development of custom communication and audiovisual solutions.


Since 2002, Randómika is set in Barcelona, Catalonia, permanently until this day.
The project has worked initially as a collective of artists, designers, musicians, coders and other multimedia creators, developing differents self creative projects by commission or customers.
Subsequently, the project took the form of a company that links creativity and artistic work experience in management of a Multimedia and Internet company.
Our interest for creation and experimentation has led us to work from the outset in the creative field, bringing innovation to our projects and our clients.
The crafty approach of our projects is reflected in the quality provided, warmness, and innovation, whether for large companies or small institutions.


– We use new process of collaborative online working and teleworking that results in an advantage in terms of cost and management for our customers.
– We choose new channels and systems of audiovisual content distribution.
– We are pioneers in the use of the Internet as a central access platform to multimedia content.
– We deeply understand the economic and social changes of our time and bring our strategic vision to our customers and projects.
– We apply a sustainable and realistic methodology of our project management that achieves fixed outcomes.
– Randómika Group is an open company oriented to free software and Open Source solutions.
– Over 10 years of experience in Multimedia development and Internet market.