Media Artist

OFFF 2003, Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona


· Creation & Development of MICROFEEL – BACK TO THE SEED,  AV LIVE- SET, Catalonia, SPAIN. Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA, Bucharest, RUMANIA. 2014-2016. MORE INFORMATION

· Creation & Development of MICROFEEL – POLAROID SOUNDTRACK,  AV LIVE- SET in collaboration with INSTITUT RAMÓN LLULL, Catalonia, SPAIN. 2012-2013.

· Creation & Development of MICROFEEL AV LIVE- SET in collaboration with INSTITUT RAMÓN LLULL, Catalonia, SPAIN. 2010-2012. MORE INFORMATION

· Creation & Development of CATANGOS installation in collaboration with HANGAR medialab for STROBE festival 2010 in Amposta, Catalonia, SPAIN. 2010. MORE INFORMATION

· Creation, Project Management of THE CHINA DIGITAL PROJECT – Audiovisual Thematic Concert . By definition, Digital China is an electronic music AV concert that combines live performance of traditional Chinese instruments with loops, textures, electronic toys and computers. 2008-2009. MORE INFORMATION
– This audiovisual concert was commissioned by the Fundación “la Caixa” for the programm of the People´s Republic of China year  in Spain.
– Performed at CaixaForum Barcelona, ​​CaixaForum Madrid, CaixaForum Lleida, Sala Apolo, REC Festival 2010 ( Tarragona, Spain), among others.

· Creation CATANGOS REMIXED installation  for  “DIGITAL ARTS a la carta” programm for SONAR Festival, Barcelona, SPAIN. 2007. MORE INFORMATION

· Creation, Project Management, Design and Coding for magazine / online radio FROZEN MAGAZINE / FROZEN RADIO (breaking the media ice). An online publication which seeks to take its own view of world media with comments, articles and interviews about art, culture, design, literature, technology, music, freedom of expression and new forms. 2004 -2010. MORE INFORMATION

· Creation, Project Management, Design and Programming  of Consume Limited ! interactive installation. An interactive installation that analyze the act of shopping in a low cost supermarket . The result is a supermarket cart with a built-in touch screen interface that allows users to purchase products, that generates real time short video clips compositions. At the end of the experience a ticket printer prints the recipe. 2004.
– Exhibited at the OFFF Festival 2004, Feria de Valencia, 2004, Spain.

· Creation, Project Management, Design and Programming for PESCADO Installation. An interactive installation that plays with the role of humans and their environment. The interactor placed his hand inside an aquarium. The result of its motion tracking with a sensor is an animation. Motion sensors, are placed in the aquarium to detect and generate animations that are activated by movement. 2003.
Exposed at MadinSpain Festival 2003, Madrid, Spain.

· Creation, Project Management, Design and Programming of INODOROS (TOILETS) interactive installation. An installation based on the physical space of an interactive toilet. A journey through the many contradictions of technology as a tool of comfort, cleanliness, and future. The installation is done through ironic and narrative documentary interactive experiences of toilets, a search of the conscious implications of technology, in a world where interactivity is still looking for interfaces. 2002-2003.
Exposed at OFFF Festival 2003, Mercat de les Flors. BARCELONA. Spain.

· Creation, Project Management, Design and Programming of net-art project {METRONOME }. A critical and eclectic  journey in an irreal urban metro line. Travelling as a way of isolation and movement; as an eternal loop.
– The official presentation of the piece was performed at the International Festival OFFF 2002 in Barcelona, ​​Spain.
– This piece was also presented and awarded by the Media Library of CaixaForum, the Caixa Foundation, Barcelona. Spain. 2002.
– Exposed at VAD festival 2004, House of Culture of Girona, Girona, Spain.
– Exposed at Rhizome Arte Base Portal  MORE INFORMATION

· Creation, Project Management, Design and Programming of Human Circus 1.0. humanity in a 3D world with interactive concepts of chaos, random and non-linear script. The central interface of interaction includes a 3D drageable dynamic figure with images of the human circus characters and generates in real time random poems from chats over the Internet. 2001.

· Creation, Project Management, Design and Programming of CD-ROM 0-800 Random . An interactive CD-ROM with seven short films about love and isolation in an era of communication. A Random Moviola allows the user to edit the short films, so you can create your own random story from them.
– Made in collaboration with the Department of Audiovisual Design II, Trilnick Chair, University of Buenos Aires. 1999.
– Exposed at TECNODELICA, Student House, University of Buenos Aires, 2000.


· Creación de la instalación CATANGOS INSTALLATION con la colaboración del medialab de HANGAR para el festival STROBE 2010 en Amposta, Catalunya,  ESPAÑA. 2010.