Sebastian Seifert (Buenos Aires, Argentina); has been working and living in Barcelona since 2002.

Digital creative, multimedia designer, music producer and independent curator of media art and electronic music; in the field of media art he has developed several internet projects, interactive installations and multimedia performances. He has also been serving as content creator, event organizer and curator of media art and electronic music for Fundación “la Caixa” from 2003 to 2011. He has participated as artist in festivals like MUTEK (ES), SONAR, OFFF, FILE SAN PABLO, SZIGET BUDAPEST, VAD FESTIVAL, BARCELONA VISUAL SOUND, CAMPUS PARTY, REC TARRAGONA, MADINSPAIN, among others.

Currently working in his musical project as MICROFEEL. He is also performing with his band EL PLATILLO VOLADOR. With Árbol (Miguel Marin) and Frozen Radio (Charles Satchivi – Sebastian Seifert) he has made the musical production of the audiovisual concert Digital China.

He is International Master in Media Art and Interactive Systems. 2002. MECAD (ESDI) / Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Also studied Audiovisual Design at UBA (University of Buenos Aires).

He has written articles for various media, including URL Magazine and SHIFT. He was also electronic music guest curator at La Noche en Blanco Madrid (2008) and co-curator and director of the online electronic music radio Piú Radio from the contemporary art gallery NIU.